CBH Dining & Dietary Facility

Baptist Health Lexington

Project Description: This project replaced the hospital’s existing food service facilities, which supply three meals per day for the 450-bed hospital and dining for staff, physicians and visitors. With limited room for expansion, an addition was wedged in the canyon between the eight-story hospital and the seven-story Heart Institute building. The three-story structure stands mostly on stilts and serves not only as a pedestrian conduit but also disguises the only materials receiving dock for the entire hospital – a critical function for operations. The project includes a state-of-the-art kitchen facility that satisfies unique patient dietary requirements; spacious dining facilities; multiple, diverse serving lines; and an enlarged, efficient receiving dock and waste management facilities. Special plans were crafted for delivery and installation of construction materials, particularly food service equipment, and had to consider hospital operations during every phase of the project.
Firm Role: As construction manager, Congleton-Hacker provided invaluable services during the design phase of the project. In addition to the schematic estimating, we provided considerable value for recommendations and estimating to maintain the hospital’s budget. Because of the unique location of the project (standing above the existing connecting corridor/receiving dock structure), our engineers worked closely with a structural engineer to develop a cost-effective structural scheme for the project.
Owner Contact:
Mr. Rand Cimino, director of dietary services
Baptist Health Lexington