Our approach is:


A collaborative process, coupled with anticipatory and active problem-solving, ensures that we understand what you need and how to deliver what you want.

You’ll also benefit from our team’s dedication to intense oversight at every phase of the project – from preconstruction through completion of the facility and beyond.


There is one team assigned to each project, which creates a seamless effort — from putting together bids to managing project. That means there is no learning curve in the middle of the project. We can help you select the best value and most efficient design because the same people handling the bidding also serve in the role of construction manager. Larger companies have separate divisions, so there is often a disconnect between pre-construction and construction.

This single team will ensure that the design works because it can reconcile conflicts before construction, adhere to an aggressive schedule and work simultaneously through all aspects of design and construction.


We know that our business improves when your business improves. That’s why Congleton-Hacker will put you first. The proof is in our large number of repeat customers.

In addition, with our strong roots in Kentucky, we have a vested interest in the community. We don’t move from state to state to complete a project. We work in our hometowns.

This knowledge also allows us to identify the best subcontractors to use and attract better construction partners because they know they will be treated fairly.


Congleton-Hacker uses Building Information Modeling Building (BIM), which goes beyond 3D designs to include time and cost. It allows us to simulate and analyze the construction process in advance. Every subcontractor adds information so we can improve work flow and safety while reducing surprises and eliminating scheduling conflicts.

We utilize the best modern tools and technology to plan and execute your project. Congleton-Hacker superintendents are equipped with cameras, IPad minis and other devices to communicate in real time with sub-contractors, which allows them to anticipate and solve problems onsite.